When creating or revising your resume for submission, consider few tips to help your resume fully represent you as a potential employee:

  • 1. Put yourself in reader’s shoes. Note that recruiters typically scan resume for few seconds and make quickly initial assessment. Be aware of writing it in an easy way for the reader. Recruiters search for information such as skills, experience and key achievements. They pass over resumes if the document is hard to read, overly wordy or distracting. Your resume should be written in a professional, clearly organized and up-to-date way. You will increase than the chance of finding alignment between your skills, competences, experience and the opportunity you apply for.
  • 2. Stick with maximum two pages. Three pages are acceptable for senior executives, but that should be the limit. Avoid long sentences, use legible font and size, use buttet points.
  • 3. Avoid graphics, pictures, logos, etc. as they can be distracting and make document heavy and difficult to open.
  • 4. Provide figures and results to quantify your achievements. Use percentage, compare results to the industry and market situation. List results and skills, not only your duties.
  • 5. Restrict personal information you include in your resume. Mention activities that emphasize your strengths. Do not include information that does not matter.
  • 6. Highlight experience and skills that best align with the opportunity you apply for. 
  • 7. Have multiple eyes that will review your resume in terms of content, as well as for typos. Do not rely on spell check. Typos communicate carelessness, which is not something the recruiter or hiring manager wants to see.